BNA Income Tax™ Planner Web has the power to navigate the most complex tax scenarios, providing a complete picture of tax liabilities and savings opportunities. With Bloomberg BNA’s deep tax expertise built right into the software, you accelerate productivity and address challenging client needs such as:

  • Divorce Filing Singly vs. Jointly
  • Sale of Residential Rental Property
  • Mitigating Losses for Net Investment Income Tax

The power boost you get with BNA Income Tax Planner Web lets you improve your effectiveness, accurately forecast taxes, and present the most tax advantageous strategies, while enjoying secure, anytime, anywhere Web access.

Comprehensive Tax Planning Solution:

  • Access accurate analysis and timely regulatory updates with immediate tax law compliance
  • Achieve greater efficiency with automated, up-to-date federal and state calculations
  • Improve client visibility with side-by-side “What-if” scenarios for comparing multiple cases over multiple years
  • Reduce IT costs and infrastructure burdens with secure Web-based access


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Rated 5-Stars

"BNA Income Tax Planner can manage even the most complex taxation scenarios, offering quick calculation of prior and future liabilities, with built-in formulas for AMT, inflation, phase-ins and phase-outs, and planning for all states."
- CPA Practice Advisor


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